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The Robbins Twins - The Scatological Album (2004)

Tracklist and free MP3s

  1. Beetles Smell Bad
    By The Robbins Twins 2:15
    [ listen | download ]
  2. You Can't Dance (With Crap in Your Pants)
    By The Robbins Twins 2:08
    [ listen | download ]
  3. Bowellad
    By The Robbins Twins 3:01
    [ listen | download ]
  4. Feet Like Hands
    By The Robbins Twins 2:44
    [ listen | download ]
  5. Sisterhood of Penis
    By The Robbins Twins 3:11
    [ listen | download ]

Released as an EP in 1999, The Scatological Album boasted three instant hit songs. Disillusioned by their overnight success, the mysterious Robbins Twins left the music industry and their whereabouts were unknown for several years. They resurfaced, however, in 2004 with several brand new tracks that also quickly spun into out of control chart-toppers. All of The Robbins Twins songs have been handily collected here for your listening pleasure.