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Slumdwellaz - The Truth (2005)

Tracklist and free MP3s

  1. Intro
    [ listen | download ]
  2. The Truth
    [ listen | download ]
  3. The Impossible Dream
    [ listen | download ]
  4. Double Dragons
    [ listen | download ]
  5. Raps For The People
    By featuring spencer bohren
    [ listen | download ]
  6. The Truth Part 2
    [ listen | download ]
  7. Losing It
    By featuring johnny sketch and the dirty notes
    [ listen | download ]
  8. Durkenkrieg
    By from the p dawg EP, recorded in 2002
    [ listen | download ]
  9. James Brown Is Hard
    [ listen | download ]
  10. Thanks
    By featuring random grrl a and shawn houck
    [ listen | download ]
  11. America Is Hard
    By featuring hijackalope
    [ listen | download ]
  12. shawn houck
    By featuring shawn houck and lasers
    [ listen | download ]
  13. We're Finished
    [ listen | download ]
  14. Hey Madonna!
    By featuring madonna's farts
    [ listen | download ]

For The Truth, Doc Watch-Out, M_Rat and Merkin stopped talking about stalking third graders and busting their cap guns all over their fictional hoods.

Instead, they took a step back and recorded The Truth, an album packed with nothing but The Truth, mostly about how hard it is to rap and make a record in 4 days. And about how tired Doc Watch-Out is because he was forced to make this record on his vacation.

Representing the pinnacle of Dwellaz audio quality, The Truth is probably your best bet for a Dwellaz record you can actually listen to. Is it as funny as the older albums. No. But then, the Dwellaz aren't as funny any more either. Rumor has it that older Dwellaz recording were ruining the careers of M_Rat and Watch-Out, who set out to record something not embarrasing this time around.

As always, all tracks are free. Enjoy them and spread The Truth.

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