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Slumdwellaz - The Truth

The final Slumdwellaz album talks about The Truth. As opposed to, you know, gettin' mad bitches.

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Slumdwellaz - The P. Dawg A G. EP

The most recent recordings in the Dwellaz arsenal, the short-but-sweet P. Dawg A G. EP loads up your stereo with 3 big-ass-blastin' tracks.

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Slumdwellaz - Go Poetry!

The third and final Dwellaz studio album blasts through the stratosphere then explodes, not unlike the Challenger, littering your living room with bits and pieces of everyday life and astronauts.

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Slumdwellaz - Bombin' Out Tha Door

Funky beats and rapping without parallel define this second Slumdwellaz album, recorded with all the hilarity you've come to expect from the duo of Watch-Out and Rat.

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Slumdwellaz - Kreepin' Tru Da Grazz

The amazing debut album of this hardcore hip hop group features several songs that rose to the top of the charts despite low-calibar production.

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